Eye lid


Forgetting all the clichés about windows and souls, our eyes really are our most important feature.

They’re what people notice first. They’re what they focus on when speaking to us. And they play a huge role in how youthful and attractive we are perceived to be.Eyelid surgery works to counteract drooping upper lids and puffy bags beneath the eyes, resulting in a younger, fresher appearance.

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Is it for me?

If you have puffy bags beneath your eyes or feel your upper lids are droopy, eyelid surgery can take years off you and leave you looking more alert, awake and much younger. The solution may be a procedure on the upper or lower or both upper and lower eyelids together

During your consultation with Dr Praveen, he will assess your current situation, discuss your goals, and recommend the eyelid surgery he believes will deliver the best results.

About surgery?

Your eyelid surgery will be performed under either a local anaesthesia

Dr Praveen will then make tiny incisions along the natural lines of your upper or lower eyelids, using his skills and years of experience to minimise any scarring. Dr Praveen will then remove any excess fat, skin or muscle.

Can I go home after surgery?

You will usually be able to go home the same day as your eyelid surgery. You will be given a prescription for medication  so that you can manage any pain once you get home.

About post surgery care?

You may have to visit Dr Praveen, on 2nd day and again on 5th/6th for stich removal, later after 1month depending on surgery.

How long to stay away from work/normal activities?

When you get home from hospital, you should stay at home to rest with cold packs over your eyes. This will reduce any swelling and bruising, along with sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows.

You will be able to wash your face the day after your surgery, however should not over exert yourself until you are completely healed.Adviced to be away from work for 4-5 days till stiches are removed.

When will I see end result?

You will see the full extent of your rejuvenated, younger looking eyes around 4 weeks after your surgery.

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